APIs published by campus units

Courses, Classes, Sections

Search for courses, classes and sections. Get schedule and classroom data. List classes by term and department.

Courses active documentation

Student Profile & Schedules

Work with student class schedules. Check contact info, registration status and fees. Get exam schedules. Sandbox data only.

Student profile active documentation

Organization Data

Find orgNode codes and organizational data.

Organization data active documentation


Calculate your carbon footprint using default data or specific criteria.

CoolClimate active documentation

APIs published by campus contracted vendors


Integrate Box collaboration functions. Use and extend content management features.

Box.net documentation

Google Drive

Save and update files on Drive.

Google Drive documentation

Google Calendar

Add, edit, and delete Google Calendar events.

GCal documentation


Migrate email to GMail. Work with sidebar gadgets.

GMail documentation

Public APIs

These are only a few of the thousands of public APIs that are available. Try searching for more on API Hub, Programmable Web, or your favorite API aggregator.

Google URL Shortener

Create, inspect, and manage goo.gl short URLs for your apps.

URL Shortener documentation

Google Custom Search

Create your own Google Search engine.

Custom Search documentation

Google Maps

Discover what you can do with Google Maps.

Google Maps documentation.

Google Books

Find books, reviews, and free editions.

Google Books documentation


Add YouTube features and customize playback.

YouTube documentation


Build with Twitter.

Twitter documentation


Integrate Facebook with your website and mobile apps.

Facebook documentation


Get real-time bus arrival information for AC Transit, SF Muni, and other agencies.

Nextbus documentation (PDF)