CoolClimate — Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Carbon Footprint Calculator is an innovative tool from the CoolClimate Network.   This is a limited preview of the calculator API.   For more information, see the CoolClimate Calculator homepage.

An example of the full set of parameters is available here.

An Excel document listing the full set of parameters with descriptions is available here.

Calculate carbon footprint

If you have any questions about this data or access to it, please contact the CoolClimate team.

Data Owner CoolClimate Network
API Provider CoolClimate Network -
Service Level Agreement
API Provider Documentation See the visual Footprint Calculator
Interactive Doc see below

How To Gain Access To CoolClimate

  1. Sign in to API Central.
  2. Click "App Keys" in the navigation toolbar.
  3. Click the "Create a new application" button.
  4. On the "Select Service" screen, click the "Student Information" link.
  5. Enter a name and description for your application, then click the "Create Application" button.
  6. You will be taken to a page which displays your app_id and app_key needed to access the CoolClimate API. Test these keys out in the interactive documentation below.
Note: Although the CoolClimate API is listed under Research on the APIs page, the key you create must be under the "Student Information" category. Keys created under the "UCB Research" category will not work.

Interactive Docs